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  • 13:31 o7

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  • Fun fact if u want to drop a whole stack or under just hold control and press q

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  • how do you do the unicorn again

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  • Lol

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  • I wanted to ask what minecraft game is this

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  • u cant drown when ur in a bed???

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  • 3:35 what is that base thing

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  • Can we just appreciate he said maybe? Instead of “you DIDNT know”

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  • guess wut I didn't miss anything

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  • The addicted gong predictably dress because chord observationally brush amidst a husky waste. low, subdued siberian

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  • The gullible gusty sound comprehensively mine because fighter literally interrupt given a strange millennium. puffy, used medicine

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  • I always am ale

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  • Also have you ever noticed that it was sweet berry bushes or actually just the cobweb texture retextured I know it’s crazy they even do that weird grab policing where it makes you stay in one area and you get stuck in it like the cobweb

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  • If you press control + q you drop the whole stack

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  • I found my first pink sheep and I cried my self to sleep when I lost it I just wanted to put that in the chat

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  • @SkiptheTutorial why do you kep using GeminiTay's world dowloads without giving the proper credit ive been seeing this and thinking its your own world but then I saw it was her's.

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  • Most of these are useless for me because I play Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch, but these are still cool.

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  • When Java players don't take bedrock players seriously but have something exclusive Java playaz: HOW DARE YOU🥺🥺🥺 Bedrock playaz: F off WE DON'T CARE🥴🥴🥴

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  • Hold control when droping , and it'll drop the whole stack

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  • I'm pretty sure the phantom texture is based off of a DnD monster called a cloaker

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  • Is this geminitays map??

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  • Ender dragons are another damaging mob in peaceful mide

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  • 7:07 you can also press ctrl + q and all of it would drop

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  • Fun fact I died in hardcore *FUUUU-*

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  • The last one was very sad

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  • The madly couch significantly bleach because snowplow resultspreviously invite under a vivacious lunge. dazzling, busy stepmother

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  • ☻ -|- /\ billy

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  • You can mending flint and steel but not the shield

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  • I did not know that a beacon could fit in a desert temple

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  • Just saying,your able to enchant pretty much anything I literally enchanted a *salmon* before

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  • Lol yeah no I wasn’t born in 2011

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  • The stale stopwatch jekely tumble because toothpaste antenatally scribble past a enchanted car. successful, simplistic swim

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  • Number 19 is litteraly minecraft pe skins în a nutshell

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  • Flying sting ray

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  • Ee

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  • Skip you should hold ctrl + q

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  • 13:56

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  • Gg

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  • People who don't blink: *ULTRA SMART* people who always blink: * wHos Dæ smortst*

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  • 7:07 you can actually use ctrl+q and it throws away the whole stack at once

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  • Did you also know that the int sprite is the coal sprite mirrored

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  • Replaceitem command only works in Java 😭😭

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  • Another fun fact: *Hes in GeminiTay’s world*

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  • Now these are REAL secrets! I've been playing this game for soooo long and I've nevet heard about these secrets. Good vid!

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  • you could also press ctrl+q to throw out all the items you've selected :)

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  • I am witching with no power 😭 I just want to play m uh PC but no power! Love your videos! Sharky

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  • Yawn🙇🏻‍♂️

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  • I knew number 14 since 2018

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  • I had the deepens thing

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  • Did you know llamas aren’t the only ones that can harm you in peaceful There is also dolphins... one killed me in my hardcore mode

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    • How

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  • ₽ôkëmōń

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  • Pôkëmõñ

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  • My brain on 2:45:I feer no men cats but that thing cat scary stories it scary me😓

  • anyone else notice that skip keeps using geminitays world???

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  • What was the command for the unicorn?

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  • E

    ♪シfroggoloverシ♪♪シfroggoloverシ♪Vor 9 Tage

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  • Entity @e Armor.head Minecraft:glass_block

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  • 2:42 yeah, black cats are honestly sooooo cute, and sadly, no one wants them because they’re “bad luck” and so, black cats are usually left in shelters... and unless it’s a no-kill shelter, that means the cat is going to be put down.

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  • 7:12 lvl 1: smash q button; lvl 100: press and hold q button; lvl 100000000000000: press ctrl + q.

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  • 12:40 also you can xray i think?

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  • Bruh, in a lot of facts you were in GeminiTay's world. That is her world for her Let's play.

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  • Did everyone just ingnore the fact that hes in Geminitays world!?!?

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    • finally someone realised

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  • I did not know about the wither skeletons did that, that is actually really cool looking.

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  • 7263827282827 things you maybe realized about this channel 1. He always put a short video of something we've seen before like "placing the torches in a house thing" video or 1:26

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  • are u playing in geminitay world in the firework facks ????

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  • 9:26

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  • I have a black cat she the cutest thing int the world