3 True Ding-Dong Ditch Horror Stories

An activity that many took part of at one point in their childhood; ding-dong ditching, wherein one or multiple parties will ring someone's doorbell or knock on their front door repeatedly and run away/hide before the homeowner opens the door. Based on the provocative nature of the act, it shouldn't be surprising that doing this to the wrong person could lead to a less than desirable reaction.
If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.

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  • I was going to do it yesterday glad is didnt do it👍👍👍

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  • Could u do quarantine horror stories

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  • you should do more that have a video with it those really get me going

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  • Me: watches Mr.Nightmare Also Me: Hears a loud thump Also Also Me: Frick frick frick frick fudge froook

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  • Why does it seem like Mr. Nightmare is speaking quickly?? 😂

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  • 11:30 I thought he was gonna be hanging

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  • ‘C, B, E, A, and Ben.’

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  • You have had a crazy childhood

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  • I hate you mr nightmare you give me nightmares I HATE YOU

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  • I love how people are like “I’ll call my friend Jon, but that’s not his real name” or “my friends C, G, D, and P”. It’s not like I know the friends or would ever care to contact them. Just pick a name and use it. I won’t know any different, I promise...

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  • i am so glad that you show the pictures and videos that people send, it really adds to the truth factor

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  • He said not to reports these but I wounded where he got them from 😑

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  • if someone had a gun n yelled ‘I’m gonna fucking blow your brains out’ id be terrified wth

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  • The first story was narrated funnily fast!

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  • I love your video/audios

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  • imagine having severe insomnia and you're nearing the last day of the week without dying from sleep deprivation and some asshole dingdong ditches you in the middle of the night

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  • IDK why but i found CBEA and ben halariouis

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  • Who’s here in 2013

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  • I have only 1 question: What's with all the French KFC ads?

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  • the first story is from another of his videos just the exact same audio reposted?

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  • *second story* "because if it weren't for him, who knows what he could've done to me if he caught up." *Ad* budget budget budget auto center 😂😂😂😂

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  • I got a story. Back in 2016 I was living in a suburban city in North Carolina. There where these news story's of people dressed in clown costumes running around apartment complexes in the town trying to take kids and crap. Me and my friends were in the 5th grade and would joke about seeing one of these clowns or finding a clown mask and shit like that. But one day we showed up to school something seemed off. Like a feeling calling to me that I shouldn't of whent to school that day. You can call it God or a force of nature but I felt something. I told one of my friends and he just laughed thinking is was another Bs. Story but soon to find out it wasn't. About a few hours into the school day, our school went into lock down. We where on it for a time because our teacher let us play rock paper scissor and little games like that. Finally the lock down lifted and we left school early. Us being little 5th grades were so happy and didn't think much about it. But I did and kept asking teachers what the hell happened they told me to not worry about it and made up other excuses. But I knew shit whent down. I would later find out that a child was found stabbed to death and chained to a tree in a neighborhood near the school. Know one knows who did it or if it was one of these supposed clowns but it was real and it was horrifying. This still scares me to today.

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  • the house we DID

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  • 7:39 is the vid start

  • Imagine threatening to kill children over something dumb

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  • Come in side the man said. Me why would I do that WHY WOULD I DO THAT

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  • I have seen scary things

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  • Lol, none have these have police reports or any hints of evidence...completely fake bullshit, apart from 2, finally one that tries to provide ‘evidence’

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    • youre a dumbass why would kids ding dong ditching someone be on the news?

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  • Finally there was a video for one of these storey...

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  • E is a real one 😤🙏🙏

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  • Lol the video is fake, they are just actors, I can tell by the “come here now”

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  • Every time there is a thump it sounds like a drum

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  • Shout out to the guy who actually send the footage

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  • i got lost with the 2nd story names lmao

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  • *C B E A and Ben.* The way that was said gave me OCD

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  • Use to do this we called it nigga knocking

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  • Fake!!

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  • 🥺

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  • everyone knows you ding dong ditch in the white neighborhoods

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  • How are they supposed to be horror? For me they are just interesting

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  • Thank you to the kids of the story that said they have a video/photo and actually showing it.

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  • After Stefan got grabbed they sat outside and played Pokémon on their DS’s

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  • *I've never done ding-dong ditch I'm my entire life* Me in Bloxburg with my friend (Roblox): *oh yesss letss do it!!*

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    • How men ding dong ditch during Quarintine

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  • Me and my friends used to just try the doorknob and open the door then run

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  • How come they refused to live across the street from that guy wouldn’t he be going to jail?

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  • Last time I ding dong ditched someone pulled the knife out, well too bad for him I was hiding by the bushes. i was 10 years old xD

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  • friend C, B, A, E, AND B E N btw are there any other stories w videos

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  • When I was listening to Story 3 when he said old man I was like oh my god it's a boomer run

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  • 12:09 I had to check if I wasn't holding SHIFT while listening

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  • The first story is just like this 666 house aurond the block. It well what ever the gender was acts strange.

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  • The knocking at the beginning scared me to death

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  • 7:41 nah hella different he really showed the video 💀

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  • The only scary thing about this video is that he called it ding dong ditch not Knock down ginger 😲

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  • Zero sympathy for Stephan. Edit: Okay that's actually far in excess of a reasonable reaction. Scaring the absolute shit out of the kids is legit but that's where you draw the line.

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  • So I was out with my friend and these two brothers that we just met earlier that day and we were ding dong ditching houses in our neighborhood. There was one house on the street that had all of the lights off and we decided to do that house. We agreed to have my friend go to the door and ring the bell and all of the rest of us hid across the street. The first time the guy just opened the door and we thought that wasn't good enough so we had to do it again. This time we all went up and we all started running in every direction and had planned on meeting up at the end of the street. My friend was in front of me and we were running in the grass and all of a sudden he fell because there was a hole in the ground. He said it felt like his ankle was twisted so he crawled to the side of a house just a couple houses down from the targeted house. We all hear the guy shout "HEY!" and I looked around the corner and I saw him run inside. I shouted "RUN!" to everyone and we all ran to the next street over to my friends house. We knocked on the door but nobody was home. We hid in the bushes and we saw a car quickly turn into the street and we all froze. The car stopped in front of the house and the door opened and it was the guy. Now the house that we were at was my good friends house and I knew he had 3 dogs that are pretty scary until you know them. So I yelled at everyone to follow me and we all ran to the side of the house and jumped the fence into the backyard where the dogs were. I found a chain and put it on the big dog and opened the gate. The dog was barking so loud and trying to run to the guy but he left as soon as he saw the dog.

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  • I was lucky to not be around the one time my friends ding dong ditched without me and they were threatened by a dude with a shovel and looking back it was a nice trill but it was such a rude activity

    Pat WPat WVor 18 Tage
  • Your lives are more important than you getting in trouble.

    Ian KammermanIan KammermanVor 18 Tage
  • It’s kind of hard to feel bad for people who knock on doors and run. Damn, that stuffs plain annoying when it happens to you

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  • *Stops watching for 5 months* *comes back* Me: 😮

  • That kid in the first story was a little bitch lmao

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  • And I used to think ding dong ditching was fun.... 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ never again.

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  • im 157 and i listen to Death Tunes to fall asleep jk im 13

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  • Mi

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  • He only chooses the real ones

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  • the fact that there was video along with the story is just chilling

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    • I bet that you'd absolutely just love my scary stories narration

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  • The third one was scary

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    • If you found this scary then my horror story narrations would terrify you

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  • I like ur stories

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  • We want Quarantine horror stories!!!

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  • 12:09 i thought i accdietlly sticky keyd

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3 True Ding-Dong Ditch Horror Stories