Let’s celebrate spring together with our cool DIY projects you should totally try! You will find amazing ideas on how to make different crafts using old toys, hot glue, polymer clay. All these creative décor crafts you can make to renew your room and make it much cozier. Besides, you will find cool gift ideas for your beloved friends and family!
Let’s start from an amazing idea how to make a DIY bowl that will cost you a penny but looks gorgeous! To make a DIY gold snake bowl you will need the plastic snake, glue and gold spray paint. Placed a plastic snake in a bowl, wrap it around the bowl, don’t forget to use glue between the rolls. After you placed a snake in the bowl wait a bit and let the glue dry. Next, take the snake out of a bowl and cover with gold spray paint.
DIY gifts are so cool because they are usually one of a kind and it’s the best way to express love. We prepared an awesome idea of the personalized and cute gift you can make in minutes. Let’s transfer pictures on a candle. You can transfer any picture you like with our tutorial. Firstly, Take a piece of paper and cover with tissue paper. Choose any picture and draw it using a marker or markers of different colors. Cut out the picture and place on the candle, cover with wax paper. Secure the picture with paint tape and blow hot air on it for several minutes using a hair dryer or heat gun. Carefully remove the wax paper. Ready!
Check out more incredible ideas: grow crystals from salt at home, make cool phone cases using polymer clay, try to make the Eiffel tower from hot glue
00:13 Salt crystals
01:45 Adorable phone case for girls
02:59 How to transfer picture on candles
11:47 Hot glue roses
16:36 DIY gold snake bowl

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