15 Ways to Sneak Food into a Beauty Pageant

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Beauty Pageant is not a reason to be hungry. So how to bring food to the beauty pageant unnoticed? Watch simple life hacks in our video.
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  • Nobody here probably cares, but here you go: TL;DR: This channel promotes misogyny, eating disorders and objectifying of women to a young audience which is very Inappropriate. Ok, to break it down this beauty pageant snack smuggling is just making a mockery out of women. The women who are the pageant models are the ones who cant be eating. This gives the idea that not eating and being pretty are one in the same. Eating disorders are not effing cute! Also lots of the crafts and smuggling hacks they advise make use of ideas that to be attractive in any way, women need big a**es or b**bs. This is prevalent when the girls use the advantage of big buts to get in candy and it works. The skit reinforces the hypersexualization when our male character decides that the girls with the big chests and buts are free to get in. It also adds a bit of misogyny when the guy looks the girls over as if to objectify them. These ideas are present in skits and hacks fed to young kids! WTF! This teaches these kids that it is okay to suck up to men, and feed into nasty and creepy things such as misogyny and hyper sexualization, and eating disorders. That is super gross. why is youtube letting this slide! Wtf. Young kids are super impressionable and usually make references to the things they take in around them instead of doing any exploration and critical thinking to form their own ideas because they aren't at the stage for that yet. I'm no person with a phd or any basis in child psycology who knows what is okay for kids to see and who knows how moldable young minds are, so do take it with a grain of salt. You can think what you like about all this, but a channel that promotes ideas of misogyny and objectifying women I personally think is really inappropriate.

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15 Ways to Sneak Food into a Beauty Pageant