10 DOPE Robots That Will Replace Your Friends!

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Have you ever wished you had more friends or wished you could just replace some of your friends that you maybe aren't that fond of...? Welp, todays products could potentially help you do just that! We're checkin' out 10 robot products that, in my opinion, prove that the future of living a world with robots will be here much sooner than we think!

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  • 17:31 “I can’t throw a dog” “Yeah you can get kicked off of twitch for that” First off, smooth delivery, great reference for anyone who got it. Second, it kills me to know that he’s wrong

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  • I like the iron man toy where do you buy it

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  • Iron man: If you get hurt, hurt them back, you get killed, walk it off. Me: Didn’t Cap say that lol

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  • I watched a 30 min ad for thier ad revenue

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  • First off her name is jacky and also I love the iron man threat

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  • I absolutely CANNOT stand that they cant use the word "gun". That's what it is! It's not a "shooter". A shooter, is the person SHOOTING the GUN!

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  • tanner: mechano erecto me: erecto?!?

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  • 11:19 im offended cause im a third grader almost 4th

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  • The whole part with the dog after Tanner turned it on absolutely got me. I laughed so hard.

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  • that does not look like Vader

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  • Iron man: sOmEoNe FoRgOt To PaY ThE eLeCtRiC bIlL

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  • after 1 year they still didn't get 100,000 likes.

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  • I have the like to buy gun

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  • my technology teacher had the second one

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  • What is funny is that he actually did michael michaell michaelll for the pole

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  • tanner did it the best

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  • Is NO ONE going to talk about how the Iron Man robot said Cap's line at 9:43???

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  • this robots could not replace my friends mostly cause i dont have any

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  • I am a 3rd grader!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • The iron man was a like to buy

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  • 12:53 some girl in my school came into our class and showed us something like that but she made it and it just wrote Fjsifskfjekcjsocjofjdnckfjckfofjkfcjkfkfnfkfkkfkcm jffkjefjfjjfjf

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  • I am that gun it does not work

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  • 16:49 the best part so far in the video

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  • 11:13 Me as a third grader officially offended

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  • My cousin had one of the robot dogs and she would just constantly tell it to go pee!

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10 DOPE Robots That Will Replace Your Friends!