Hello friends in this new DIY tutorial of how to make this 10 awesome life hacks at home with very easy things that you can find in your house. Hope you enjoy this smart ideas and new tricks, are simple and amazing project for your school or making with friends :). See you in the next 5 minutes craft video!
Greetings from Fernando
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  • For the one with the coca cola hack with a rubber band is useless just use a regular rubber band!!

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  • I have 3 things to say. #1 these aren’t even life hacks. #2 your basically doing the same thing every time. #3 your thumbnails are soooo and I mean sooo click bait, I can’t believe people even watch this stuff.

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  • those hacks might come an handy

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  • This is how many times he showed things up to the camera before he use them | \/

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  • The phone holder is kind of ugly

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  • Does any one else think it’s a little weird that he shows use EVERY thing he uses.😕😐

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